Repairing a Roof Versus a Whole Replacement: Which is Best

A roof accounts for a majority of the exterior of your home and provides a fantastic function. Roofs can make your home more energy efficient while providing the necessary security to the items and people who reside underneath. For repairs or replacement, the roof can also be one of the most substantial expenses a homeowner can face. It is, however, necessary to provide the upkeep needed, so your roof remains healthy and intact. When you are considering whether or not a repair will do the trick or if it’s best to replace the entire thing, Plano roofing companies will be able to give a great recommendation. But there are a few circumstances that will ultimately decide which is the correct option for you.



Roofing materials can last a pretty long time. That being said there are some that don’t live up to their life expectancy and fail earlier than what a manufacturer dictates. Asphalt shingles, while relatively inexpensive, can last up to 20 years, but if under severe conditions like constant storms, they may not live up to that 20-year expectancy. If your roof is becoming up there in age, it could just be time to make a replacement. The good news about replacing a whole roof is you can choose the material you want to use. If you plan on residing in your home for a very long time, selecting a shingle or metal roof with a longer life expectancy might be the best option.



Shingle Condition

A single shingle missing isn’t exactly causing concern. If the roof itself isn’t that old, a simple shingle replacement can be more than sufficient. The cost saving here also is enough to make any homeowner ecstatically happy. But if your roof is showing singles of cracked shingles and many shingles missing a repair might not be saving you money. Chances are if the shingles are starting to pull away from the roof this is a good indication it is time to make a whole roof replacement. Hiring a roofing contractor to make an assessment is the best way to evaluate the overall condition of your roof, and while the idea of replacing the whole thing might make you nervous because of cost, it can be the best option.



Minor leaks aren’t something to be overly worried about but are still troubling. Most minor leaks can be solved with repairs. However, if your home after a storm has more than just a little, you will notice it. The ceiling will become discolored and even drip water. When water enters your home, you should have a professional assess where it is coming from and what will correct it.

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